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Love your years, your body and your life

Living life to the full, being happy in your own skin, and excited about the future are not pipe dreams. Anything is possible if you want it enough.

When life's knocked your confidence, and you feel trapped in a downward spiral, there is a way forward. Starting from today, you can take a new direction beyond despair towards hope. This is your time to thrive and be who you truly want to be.

If you're sitting there thinking you can't, I'm living proof you can! I'm Jayne Cox - Specialist Women's Coach - Stress Management Consultant and Human Centred Coach.

Known for my unique, inspirational style, I teach my clients how to achieve lifelong change and inner happiness. With empathy, sparked from my own personal challenges, I'll guide you towards that first stepping stone.

Wouldn't it be wonderful to feel confident? Finally recover from debilitating self doubt? Conquer any midlife crisis, manage stress and and become mind fit?

Together, we can make it happen. When you're ready for change, simply contact me.

Love Your Years


Who says life stops at 40? In fact, the journey that's brought you here doesn't end ... it's only just begun. Discover how Midlife coaching can empower you!


Stress Management

stress management

Do you say 'I'm fine' when you're not? Instead of stress destroying your health, work and relationships, why not live a happier life? Ready to change life for the better?


Confidence Coaching


Ready to live life today without what-ifs or the past holding you back? Want to grab that incredible life waiting for you with both hands? You CAN!


Get Mind Fit!

MindFit™ Training

Does everyday thinking hold you back, or stress you out? Starting right now, why not live the best life you can, be happier, more energised? Train your brain; get mind fit!


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